Exploring Color Contact Lenses

Color contact lenses are extremely popular with individuals looking to change their look or add subtle enhancement to their natural eye colour. There are a variety of brands available that will help you change your eye colour and update your look. It's important to know how colour contact lenses work, the different brands available and tips for safe and stylish wear.


Understanding Color Contact Lenses

  • Color contact lenses are designed to alter the appearance/colour of your natural eye colour. Color contact lenses contain a tint in the lens material that helps change the color of your iris.
  • Color contacts are available in different shades and colours. This allows you to achieve anything from a subtle enhancement to a dramatic color transformation.
  • Although color contact lenses are primarily used to enhance the color of your eyes, many brands are now available in prescription as well.
  • It's important to note that if you have a dark eye color, color contact lenses may provide a more subtle color enhancement.


Exploring Different Brands

  • Air Optix Colors: Alcon's Air Optix color's are one of the more well know colour contact lens brands. They are vibrant, breathable lenses that offer ta 3-in-1 colour technology that provides enhanced comfort and visual impact.
  • 1-Day Acuvue Define: Acuvue Define contacts by Johnson & Johnson are popular color contact lenses that enhance the natural beauty of your eye with subtle color and definition. They provide a fresh and radiant look.
  • Aurora Colours: MyLens' Aurora colours are available in 7 beautiful stunning colors. Aurora Colors are affordable colour contact lenses that features a 3-tone colour technology that creates stunning natural, subtle colors. 


How Color Contacts Work

  • Color contacts contain a tinted layer in the lens that covers your iris. This alters the appearance of your eye color without affecting your vision correction.
  • Depending on the desired effect, color contacts may be designed to enhance your natural eye color, or completely change your eye color to a different shade.


Tips for Safe and Stylish Color Contacts Wear

  • Get a Prescription: Even if you have perfect vision, it's important to obtain a prescription from an eye care professional before purchasing color contact lenses to ensure proper fit and safety.
  • Follow Hygiene Practices: Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands before handling colour contacts and following recommended cleaning and storage routines.
  • Choose Quality Brands: Opt for reputable brands from authorized retailers to ensure the quality and safety of your color contact lenses.


Color contact lenses offer a fun and versatile way to enhance your look and express your individuality. With a wide range of brands and shades available, there's something for everyone, whether you're seeking a subtle change or a bold transformation. By following proper hygiene practices, choosing quality brands, and obtaining a prescription from an eye care professional, you can enjoy safe and stylish wear with your favourite color contact lenses.


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