Our Story

MyLens.ca started with a vision to be an eyewear company that's built around cultivating relationships among our people, customers and communities. We truly believe the right way to operate a business is to operate with respect, integrity and passion. All of these are reflected in our decision making processes.

Through our combined past work experiences, we've learned that there are too many companies that don’t “walk the walk”. Customers are frustrated with poor levels of customer service, poor quality product, dishonest pricing and a frustrating post-purchase experience, leaving them searching for other buying options.

We believe the online shopping experience should be one in which the customer develops trust from the beginning of their shopping journey, and that this trust continues throughout the customer's lifetime. This means trust in the checkout process, in the level of customer service and post-purchase service, in our ethics, and in our efforts to be a part of your community.

Simply put, we strive to create lifelong customers who are happy to share their positive shopping experience with friends and family. Too many companies in the eyewear industry care only about sales and not the impact on their customers and communities.

We believe in being good corporate citizens who truly care about our communities. Through each of our personal life experiences, we have learned of the various commitments and sacrifices that members of our society are making each and every day to help improve the lives of those who need it most, in particular, during this pandemic. 

From the very beginning, our owners decided that we would work with organizations that provide essential support to our communities. Due to personal experiences with mental health and sick children, we decided to support the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and the Children’s Heart Network (CHN). With each purchase, 5% of the order total is set aside towards our donation amount for each organization. At the end of each calendar year, these amounts are donated. 

We are everyday people just like you, and we are committed to making a difference in your communities.

The Founders of MyLens.ca

No hidden fees

Many competitors add on costs at the end of check out. Calling them service fees, transaction fees, processing fees, handling fees etc. MyLens will never add these money grabbing fees. Our Advertised price is what you pay!

We value your time

No need for you to price shop. We price compare every minute, 24/7 to ensure you always receive the lowest price. We deliver to your door saving you time to price shop and drive to and from a retailer.

Authorized retailer

We buy products directly from the manufacturer that are specifically manufactured for Canada and USA.