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Serenity Contact Lenses (Same as Sapphire)

Serenity Toric (Same as Sapphire Toric)

Coopervision's Serenity Toric (same as Sapphire Toric) two-week replacement contact lenses provide long-lasting comfort for patient's who have an astigmatism. A stable fit is guaranteed...
Contact Lenses Canada Contacts CooperVision Contact Lenses Serenity Contact Lenses (Same as Sapphire)
Astigmatism / Toric Lenses

Serenity 6 Pack (Same as Sapphire)

Serenity 6 Pack contact lenses (same as sapphire) offer wearers an exceptional experience with comfortable all-day wear. Featuring silicone hydrogel lenses, these are a two-week...
Contact Lenses Canada Contacts Serenity Contact Lenses (Same as Sapphire)
Disposable – Monthly

Serenity Contact Lenses (Same as Sapphire)

Serenity™ contact lenses (same as sapphire) from CooperVision® are silicone hydrogel lenses, which feature enhanced water content and natural wettability. Because of this, Serenity™ contact lenses are considered to be high performing, comfortable contact lenses.

Due to the utilization of Class 1 UV blcoking, Serenity™ contact lenses help block more that 90% of harmful UVA and 99% of UVB rays. 

Serenity™ contact lenses use of unique material technologies helps let your eyes breath, which allows for longer, comfortable wearing periods. Enjoy superior comfort throughout your day. Whether you're nearsighted or farsighted, Serenity™ contact lenses offer the freedom you are looking for.

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