What are Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses?

Bi-weekly contact lenses are a type of soft contact lens that is designed to be worn for two weeks before being replaced. They are made from a flexible plastic material that allows oxygen to pass through to the eye, providing comfort and allowing the eye to breathe. Bi-weekly lenses are removed each night and stored in a contact lens case with fresh contact lens solution, which helps keep them clean and moist for the next day's use.

These lenses are a popular choice for people who want the convenience of extended wear contact lenses without the commitment of a monthly lens. They offer a balance between the longer wear time of monthly lenses and the shorter wear time of daily disposable lenses. Bi-weekly lenses are also available in a variety of prescriptions, including those for astigmatism and presbyopia.

It's important to note that bi-weekly contact lenses still require proper care and maintenance to avoid eye infections and other complications. It's crucial to follow the instructions from your eye care professional and the manufacturer when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting, and storing your lenses.


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