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Share and Save - Referral Program

It’s no secret that we get excited, REALLY excited, when our customers are happy with their shopping experience with us. So happy that they’re willing to give us a review or refer us to their friends and family.

This is why one of our top priorities as a company is to make customers happy.

We do this by letting our shopping experience, core values, services and our actions speak for itself. If our customers are not 100% satisfied with their experience, we strive to improve our shortcomings.

As part of improving your shopping experience with us, we’re very excited to be providing our customers with an opportunity to earn a reward when you help share our website with your friends and family. That’s why we’ve recently launched our referral program, which rewards you with a 15% off coupon for your next order each time anyone that you’ve referred makes their first purchase. In addition, they will receive 15% off their first order! It’s a win-win situation for both yourself and your friends/family.

We’ve ensured that signing up for our referral program is quick and easy and requires less than a few minutes of your time!

Here’s a quick how-to instruction guide on how to get started with our referral program:

  1. Sign up at
  2. You will instantly receive your unique referral link to share with friends and family.
  3. Share your link through the social media, messaging apps and email options provided. Feel free to share elsewhere as well!
  4. When anyone makes their first purchase through your unique link, they will automatically receive 15% off their order.
  5. You will receive a 15% off coupon for each individual that makes their first purchase through your unique link. You can use one of these coupons on your next order!
At, we strive to give back to our employees, customers and communities. We’re happy to help you and your friends save on your contact lenses and eyewear! Did you know that every order order supports our communities?

After checkout, you will get to choose to donate 5% of your order total to either the Canadian Mental Health Association of the Children’s Heart Network. Rest assured, this will be no extra cost to you! We will allocate 5% of your order and contribute it to the organization that you choose. By shopping at, you’re helping individuals and families in our communities that could use some extra help.



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