How to Get Your Contacts/Eyeglasses Prescription from Your Optometrist

Wondering how to get your contact lens/eyeglasses prescription from your eye doctor? To get your prescription from your optometrist, you can follow these steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your optometrist for an eye exam. During the exam, the optometrist will evaluate your vision and check for any potential eye health issues.

  2. Let the optometrist know that you would like to receive a copy of your prescription after the exam. It is your legal right to receive a copy of your prescription, and the optometrist should not refuse to provide it to you.

  3. After the exam, the optometrist will give you a written copy of your prescription that includes the power of your lenses, the curvature of your lenses, and any other details relevant to your prescription. They may also provide a digital copy or send it to you electronically if you prefer.

  4. If you have any questions or concerns about your prescription, make sure to ask the optometrist for clarification before leaving the appointment.

  5. You can use your prescription to purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses at It's important to note that prescriptions do expire, so make sure to check the expiration date before using it to purchase new eyewear!


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