How to Buy Contact Lenses Online with Vision Insurance

Want to buy contact lenses online with your vision insurance coverage? At, your order is eligible to be covered by your vision care coverage. Here's how to process and claim your health care insurance.

      1. Verify your eligibility: Make sure that you are eligible to submit a contact lens order through your vision care insurance. Check your insurance policy to see if contact lenses are covered and if there are any restrictions.

      2. Order your correct contacts: Use your existing, valid prescription from your eye doctor to order contact lenses through Make sure that your prescription is up-to-date and accurate and matches the lenses that you are purchasing online.

      3. Place your order: Once you have selected your contact lenses and verified that they are covered by your insurance, you can place your order online. 

      4. Contact your insurance company: After placing your order with, provide your insurance company with a copy of your MyLens order receipt, which is emailed to you after placing your order.
      5. Wait for further instructions or reimbursement: It's as easy as that! If your vision insurance company needs any other information, please reach out to us on live chat or email us at Our customer care professionals are always happy to help accommodate the needs of your health insurance plan.

Remember, most vision care benefits expire at the end of each year. Make sure to use your vision coverage to cover the cost of new eyeglasses or contact lenses at before it expires! Do you have that warm, sunny vacation booked this winer already? Maybe it's time to finally get that pair of prescription sunglasses you've been wanting.


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