Reminder: Your order can be covered by your vision care insurance!

Buying contact lenses online at

If you’ve never purchased contacts or glasses online before, you might have a few questions about how the whole process works. You might be wondering if the contact lenses sold online are the exact same as the ones you’ve been buying from your local optometrist.

Here’s the good news:

Shopping for your contact lenses online is a quick and simple process at!

Just like you currently shop for all other things online such as for clothes, electronics and groceries, purchasing contact lenses online is pretty much the same!

We sell the exact same contact lenses as your eye doctor, but at a fraction of the price.

Enough said there, cheaper prices = savings for you!

So why shop for your eyewear at 

In addition to lower prices on your trusted contact lens brands, we also provide some other benefits that will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable. Continue reading below to find out why so many customers choose to shop for their eyewear at

We are an Authorized Retailer is an authorized retailer of all the contact lenses on our website! We source your contact lenses directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that they are the exact same contact lenses that you receive from your eye doctor. As an authorized retailer, we have been directly approved by the major contact lens manufacturers to sell their contacts. This also allows you to claim your order through your vision insurance company.

Your order is eligible for vision insurance claim

Customers frequently ask us if they can claim their order through their vision insurance company. The answer is yes, absolutely! As we are an authorized retailer, vision insurance companies will recognize your contact lens/eyeglasses order as eligible for vision insurance coverage. To claim your vision insurance coverage, you simply need to provide your insurance company with a copy of your order invoice, which is emailed to you after placing your order. We can provide you with a more in depth sales invoice if your insurance company requires it. Simply reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

We don’t have any hidden handling or insurance fees

Many other online contact lens retailers feature hidden handling, insurance or processing fees at the end of their checkout. This means they may advertise lower pricing upfront, but once you are about to checkout, they’ve added additional hidden fees that increase the cost of your order. does not have any hidden fees. We believe in having honest and transparent pricing, from the beginning of the shopping process, all the way until you submit your order. The price you see on the shopping page is the price you’ll pay - unless you take advantage of some of our coupon codes!

Now, are you ready to choose to be your eyewear provider? Give us a try and we promise we will not disappoint!


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